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Written by Tabibito   
Monday, 04 January 2010 12:08

If you haven't already voted, make sure to get your vote in here for the WSC Calendar. This calendar is going to be made up of photos of member's Subies, so make sure you go check out the entries and vote for which pictures you want in it.

I have it from a good source that if we don't get enough votes, the calendar will instead be made entirely of pictures of GrantC in a bikini, and nobody wants to see that.

Voting closes on Wednesday at Midnight.

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Written by Tabibito   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 15:54

This past year marked troubled times for the global economy. Yet even with such a dismal outlook, this year was quite eventful in the Subaru community. It saw plenty of local motorsport activity, plenty of projects, and plenty of automotive/motorsport news.


For Subaru enthusiasts, 2009 was not as kind: we witnessed a season without Subaru in WRC. That being said, Subaru wasn’t without rally participation this year. Pat Richard of Rocket Rally did quite well, in his Subaru-of-Canada-backed STi, over the season, and continues to amaze those of us who that aspire to his level of skill. Skilled drivers were busy this year as Ken Block brought us more Gymkhana this year and wowed the world with what our cars are capable of. Mr. Block also announced his acceptance of an invitation to WRC. Watch for "Kenny from the Block" in a Ford! There were many other interesting comings and goings in the motorsport world (plenty in Formula 1!) but mostly we look forward to what 2010 will bring us. Good luck to Block, Pastrana, and Richard in the coming year!


Several members of WSC are grassroots motorsport addicts. For Edmontonians, the Autocross season started with a bitter May weekend of slalom school. Yours truly attended and managed a 1st overall placement. With that, the season was off with a bang -- enough of a bang that these events became regular mini-WSC meets! The Calgary and Red Deer (CSCC) events started roughly at the same time the Edmonton (ASA) events did, and while their events are usually less well-attended, they still managed to have a strong Subaru showing throughout the season. Between these two clubs both GrantC and JasonRMorrow placed quite well. Congratulations to them!


Solo sprint saw a few members out at Race City this year. They seemed to have done well and, while not all of them drove Subarus, they all thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. What about our rally patrons? This year also saw a couple members enter Alberta rallies. Some of them did admirably and others, well… needed to replace parts. Oddly, Rally-cross seemed to be one of the more muted followings in WSC this past year. That didn’t stop several members, including one half-cocked blogger who attended several events and came away with more than just a "dirty wagon". All in all it was quite the year for local performance driving and we’re hoping to see more this coming year!


The one thing Subaru owners seem to enjoy as much as driving their cars is meets. Throughout the year both Calgary and Edmonton have held weekly meets with plenty of members showing for a pint or some wings. The one event that got the entire community buzzing was the "summer" super-meet. Folks came to that event, held in Red Deer, all the way from Saskatchewan and BC. This e nded up being our best attended meet ever! Thanks again to the hosts, sponsors, organizers, and those that made it all possible.


This year also brought the culmination and revelation of several member projects. It brought us purpose-modified autocross Subarus (silver bugeye anyone?) , STi swapped RS’s (swapped, sold, and bought within WSC), videos of balls-out GR’s (anyone for a Rocket Rally build?), the beginning of Version7 swaps, and plenty of power, suspension, and cosmetic modifications. Have a read through our "member project" section and see for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll "get the bug"?!?! 2009 also brought additions for several members. Some cycled through more than a fair share of Subaru’s, some added a Subaru to their stable, and a few of us had precious additions to our families. Congratulations to all that experienced additions, whether automotive or familial!


As 2010 looms upon us we look forward to another amazing year in motorsport (grassroots and professional), projects (both small and epic), and most importantly the good times we share together as Subaru brethren and enthusiasts.



Happy Holidays and New Year to you and yours,

WSC Staff


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WSC Outage: Dec 19, 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jer   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 08:44

We are planning a major upgrade to the forums this weekend. We're hoping this will fix some of the issues we've been having. What you need to know:

Date: Sat. Dec. 19, 2009
Time: 0900-1600 (we expect to be complete by 1200 but sometimes these things go sideways 
Wink )
Effects: All WSC members

Some of the issue we are hoping to address with this upgrade include:
  • Login issues (password incorrect)
  • Connectivity issues (also known as Telus issue)
  • ";NBSP" issue 
  • Error logs issue (admin only)

Things you will need to know:
  1. The forum will look VERY different. This couldn't be helped but we feel it's a better interface.
  2. Your username and password will still be the same
  3. You shouldn't lose any information (posts, PM's, etc.)
  4. Look for a "what's new" post once the forums are back

Thanks for your patience!
-WSC admin/Mod team
Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 December 2009 08:49
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Written by Tabibito   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 14:19

There are two events to give your car some much needed exercise this weekend, both hosted by the CSCC. First there's a novice TSD on Saturday, the 28th:



Then on Sunday the 29th, CSCC WAX Event #5! If you read my "Tales from the Gravel" post, you know you don't want to miss it:


Meets for this week PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tabibito   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 13:25


Moxies, Wednesday, Nov 25, 7pm

10628 Kingsway



Jameson's Irish Pub - Wednesday November 25 @ 7PM
3575 20 Avenue NE

Google Maps



And, for once, Red Deer! ...maybe Tongue out



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