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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 15:08

A local TV station came out to video one of the CSCC Snowcone events!

Here's a translated version~ :)

"F1 and NASCAR are done on a smooth road surface, have you ever thought of racing on a snow surface? Let's hear from our Calgary reporter, Gerry Chow. 

Most people will think that racing is a summer sport only, but there is a group of race enthusiasm organized a winter rally cross. Doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you are driving you are welcome to join the race. All you need is a helmet, then you are ready to race.

*music, interview w/ Marc Lavigne*

Winter rally cross is organized by the Calgary Sport Car club, there are 8 races in a season and at the moment they have finished 5 of them. The race location is at the southeast of Race City's empty lot and the organizer will use pylon to create the different race track, so every race will be different. The race will be base on time attack, the racer will use the shortest time to finish the race and at the end of the season the best 6 time will be used for standing. The best racer will receive cash prize and other car part as prize. Winter rally cross and winter rally actually are quite similar, so there are racer who use winter rally cross as practice.

*music Kevin Lee music*

Winter Rally Cross will be grouped by your car's setup, as long as you are interested then you can join. 

Kyle Ho: Actually this is a really non-competitive event, you don't have to upgrade your car just use a simple normal car will do. If you come to the event, there are lots of instructor or experienced drivers will be able to teach you and help you to improve your own driving skill.
Gerry: Through this type of events, not only will the driver experience the excitment of driving on the track, they will also be able to learn about winter driving.


It is still not too late to join the Winter Rally Cross, because there are still 4 races to go until the end of this season. If you want more information, visit: http://cscc.speedracer.ca/forums/
Gerry Chow, report from Calgary."

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