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Written by GrantC   
Thursday, 01 August 2013 07:06

Name: Jory Irving
Age: 25
Job Title: Computer Janitor
Hometown: Calgary
Car: 2004 STi
Color: World Rally Blue (Do they sell them in any other colour?)
Mileage: 157k
Project Thread: http://www.westernsubaruclub.com/smf/index.php?topic=7082.0


What made you want to buy a Subaru?

Envy for the most part. I was never really a "car guy", past some Countach posters on the wall while I was growing up, but after turning 18 and buying a pre-modded honda, so I could teach myself standard, I just started gravitating towards Subarus for a variety of reasons. Whether it's the "boy racer" look with the extra large hood scoop, or the giant spoiler on the back, I just fell in love and decided I needed to have one.

What makes your car different from others?

Ideally nothing past some extra wrenching, a ton of stickers, and one helluva dent. It's all the little cues that make it mine in the end, like the swapped/wrapped interior, the perrin reverse lockout, the hello kitty hanging off the back, and the large amount of stickers covering my back window. Oh, and the constant headaches. But it's all worth it in the end.

What plans do you have for your car?

Get it completely fixed. She’s finally at the point where I no longer fear for my life, so I want to clean up all the leaks, and “tighten up the nut behind the wheel” and get some racing in there.

Are you involved in Motorsports? Which ones?

I've done a track day and an Auto-x day, but I tend to go to the meets more than actually race the car. I hope to change that in the near future, even with the limited amount of Motorsports in Southern Alberta.

What is your favorite Subaru moment?

I’d say it’s a split between that heavy snowfall with the winter tires on, or that beautiful warm night, where you have all the windows open, and you can just hear the exhaust.

If you could drive your car on any road in the world, where would you go?

Hard to say really. I mean there’s the nurburgring, but I feel a race track would be wasted on me at this point. Honestly, any switch-back hills in Italy/Europe, where I can just have fun.

If Subaru didn't exist what would you be driving?

Probably a Rover Mini. I love character cars.

What was your very first car?

My mom used to lend me her 1986 Honda Accord EX. She passed it on to me when she bought a newer civic, but my “first” car was my little EG hatchback with a swapped engine. Funnest. Go-Kart. Ever.

On the WSC website, what is your favorite forum to post in?

Pretty much everywhere. I’d probably have to say the off-topic forum. Lots of trouble to get into.

What is your drink of choice?

Big Rock - Rock Creek Cider.

What is your favorite flavour of chicken wings?

BBQ! Is best!

What's your favorite bad movie?

Depends what your definition of bad is. If you ask my girlfriend, all the moves I like are bad. I’d say probably Office Space, if that could even be considered bad. Because cult-classic.





























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