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Written by GrantC   
Friday, 29 November 2013 09:02

Name: Geneviève

Age: Two years ago I had been teaching the same number of years as my then-current students had been alive; a year later I was three times as old as my students’ average age.

Job Title: Edumacator: paid to mess with kids’ minds.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Car: ‘06 STI

Color: Crystal Metallic Grey, when it’s clean. I think.

Mileage: I write it down on every gas receipt, you’d think I’d know off-hand, now, wouldn’t you?

What made you want to buy a Subaru?

After driving a succession of beaters, I decided it was time to buy a newer car. I wanted it to be practical but fun. When I mentioned considering the Mini Cooper (oh come on, it’s cute!) to my brother he snorted in disdain. “You don’t want that, you’re a teacher: you always have crap in your trunk. You want a Subaru. Get an STI. Make sure it’s ‘05 or ‘06.” The only thing I knew of the name Subaru came from the Outback TV ads with the aussie actor, so I had to look up more info. AWD? 300+HP? 4 doors and a trunk? That sounds both fun and practical... Sold! It was only after I joined WSC and started learning more about my own car that I really realized what I had bought.


What makes your car different from others?

It has a few layers of number stickers on the windows from various events: I’ve been too lazy to bother removing them so the next ones just get stuck on top. They’ve become fun conversation starters, and they make it easier for me to find my car in the Costco parking lot, so I don’t mind them staying there for now.


What plans do you have for your car?

To keep learning better driving skills, have fun, and not break stuff while doing so. It seems like I might possibly have some suspension issues to sort out; not sure yet. Immediate future: adjustable camber plates. I’ve been wanting some for a while, but having too tall tires + apparently slightly saggy coil overs (or something) has made this a somewhat more pressing concern. I’ve ordered a pair of MSI front camber plates which should raise the height just enough to compensate for these quirks til I can figure out why my KW’s are being so flipping difficult.


Are you involved in Motorsports? Which ones?

I auto-x regularly year round because it’s the cheapest and most regularly occurring sanctioned car fun available locally. Summer events are for fun and don’t “count” for anything, while we have the UBCSCC’s “Slush Series” which runs from October to April “for points”.

In the Lower Mainland all the local auto-x clubs race on a 10 acre asphalt pad located at the Pitt Meadows Airport (YPK), which is about an hour’s drive (including a breakfast stop at Timmies) from Vancouver. During the past few summers, I was able to take advantage of the school holidays to go on various road trips and auto-x at different venues. Besides our local events in Pitt Meadows, I've been able to attend events in the Okanagan (Kelowna, Vernon), at Namao and Griesbach in Edmonton, as well as at Bremerton and Packwood in WA. Attending some bigger-than-ours USA events as well as BC Champs and Canadian Nationals locally was tons of fun, though I’d have to say I prefer the more intimate setting of our smaller events: more seat time + fun runs, and more familiar faces with whom to share in good-natured trash talk.

I have also participated in a rally-x, some ice-x, and a few TSD rallies, but with the coilovers now, the car isn’t exactly set up for wintery forest service roads and all the delights their ruts and ditches offer. (Plus I broke a few things at last year’s Thunderbird Rally…) I’d love to do more, but I’ll have to budget for it first.


What is your favorite Subaru moment?

Last year I installed a 27mm rear sway bar and flashed a new tune the night before an auto-x event, and then completely forgot to anticipate changes in handling when it was my turn to run. I discovered the joy of a Subaru that actually turns when I took out the five inside cones of a sweeper. And, this summer at Nationals, I chicken-lifted and spun the car (wheee, snap oversteer!) -- this happened at the far end of the pad but I still clearly heard the announcer exclaim “Oh no! Geneviève, what are you doing?!”


If you could drive your car on any road in the world, where would you go?

I’m not sure. We have some great roads locally that have been a blast to drive: Miette hotsprings road near Jasper, Hwy 99 between Kamloops and Pemberton, the route to Ucluelet/Tofino on Vancouver Island, and Hwy 101 on the Sunshine Coast are a few I’ve really enjoyed. Off the top of my head? The mountain road in Romania featured on TG:UK looks amazing.


If Subaru didn't exist what would you be driving?

Haven’t the foggiest. Auto-x has considerably refined my appreciation for cars, but I got into auto-x as a direct result of buying this car. I wanted to learn how to handle it, and subsequently allowed myself to be bullied into loving the sport. I’d probably have picked something small and nimble. I like being able to feel the road, handle the corners, and parallel park, without issues. Then again, borrowing my brother’s Hilux for a week was a blast. Maybe I’d go JDM. ;)


What was your very first car?

The very first car I owned, but never drove because I let my “L” expire, was a dodgy red Mazda 626. My brother and his buddy Norm would occasionally borrow it for “stuff, never mind what” -- I later found out they did their auto-x debut in that thing. Yikes! The car I would call *my* first car was an ‘82 Audi 4000S. It was my brother’s best friend’s project car, so of course it was lowered, louder’d, and modified (clutch, bushings and such). Other pre-STI beaters include a ‘78 Volvo DL, ‘86 VW GTI, ‘95 VW diesel Jetta, and my mom’s ‘05 Civic (automatic transmission, blargh).


On the WSC website, what is your favorite forum to post in?

I usually browse the forums via “All Unread Topics”. According to my WSC profile stats, I post most frequently in OT, General, and Rants… pretty sure it’s from keeping tabs on jutes’ shenanigans and amby’s pot stirring...


What is your drink of choice?

I inherited the defective gene so many of Asian descent have that doesn’t let me drink without becoming bright red and itchy, but I’ve noticed I am more allergic to fermented drinks (wine, beer) so… cocktails and hard liquor it is! Can’t really go wrong with umbrella drinks and spanish coffees, right? If we’re talking about drinks I’m allowed to bring to work, lattes of any kind, and occasionally fancy teas (loose leaf in a tea ball: tastes infinitely better, and prevents colleagues from “borrowing” tea bags from my stash).


What is your favorite Donut at Tim Hortons?

Sour cream glazed.


What's your favorite bad movie?

Recently, I was made to watch FnF4, because I was told it was the least bad of them all. I’ve managed to avoid the others so far, so I guess that’s the winner by default for now.

/runs away

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