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Written by GrantC   
Thursday, 11 August 2016 07:16

Name: Cole M.

Age: 26, currently

Job Title: Superman

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Car: Car #2 – Laggin’ Wagon

Color: Red, Black, Silver, Green, Raw Primer, and sometimes blue....

Mileage: 380,000-ish km


What made you want to buy this Subaru?

I was well aware of its awesomeness and I wanted a car that I could race/thrash without shame... Essentially to use the car like it was intended to be used.


What makes your car different from others?

Well firstly, just look at it..... It looks like a Subaru that has been hit with the Harlequin stick... It’s colourful, it’s loud, it’s stinky, and it is awesome!!

I think the biggest things that sets this car apart is the nature of this build, and the history this car possesses on WSC. Laggin Wagon was originally purchased by Snackers (one of the mods) as a rusty “beater with a heater” [editor’s note, occasionally the heater works] that would get him from A to B. Over time, and on the smallest of budgets, the car has been transformed through hand-me-down upgrades such as rear drums to forester discs, wrx struts and springs, and EJ18 to EJ22 powertrain swap. “This car has received the dubious honor of going from no power, to slightly more than no power”

Since then, the car has continued to go through various WSC owners, and as it received a relatively steady stream of maintenance and upgrades including rust repairs, full header-back exhaust, wheels and tires, Sparco bucket seat and steering wheel, as well as full interior removal along with other weight saving measures, and the odd creature comfort. Through this whole process, the car has constantly been driven to the limit, constantly bounced off the rev limiter, pounding through snowdrifts, driven at many rallycross and autocross events, and even jumped occasionally, as being taken on many ski trips. This car has proven that it would never die.

And thus, we have the car we have today. It turns heads on the street, and it puts a smile on my face when I drive it.


What plans do you have for your car?

My main plans at this point are to drive the car as it is meant to be driven... Rallycross it and enjoy it... until the strut towers collapse.


Are you involved in Motorsports? Which ones?

I try to get out to as many different events as I can. I enjoy autocross, rallycross, and ice racing. With the extended length studded tires I have set up for this car, this car is a very strong performer out on the ice.

Laggin Wagon is only good for funzies at autocross as it’s stripped interior puts the car in a ridiculous class. :P


What is your favorite Subaru moment?

Banging off the rev-limiter and enjoying the Subaru rumble that comes out of a naturally aspirated EJ, while sliding almost completely sideways on the long sweepers at ice dice, leaving a nice cloud of mist in my wake.


What’s the best reaction you’ve seen of someone first meeting Laggin Wagon?

[editor’s answer, as Cole didn’t want to :P]

I had borrowed Laggin Wagon on Christmas Eve; it was snowy, slushy, little bit of ice, and it was great fun. Took a little longer getting to Christmas supper than I normally would have, and showed up. Arrive, and parked a little out of the line of sight of the house. Walk into the door, and was greeted by my 10 year old cousin (who is a huge car nut), with a list of the last minute things for supper. Said we were tasked to go, so we do.

Walk down the street to the car, and his eyes lit right up. He had a question for every sticker, every coloured body panel, wonder for lack of an interior. Then we started down the deserted fun roads.

He wasn’t nearly as excited to open up the Christmas presents.

[editor’s note, he did answer]

One time at autocross (first event of last season) I was partaking in the mini novice school. Murray drove my car around the novice course and told me how I should handle my car. He got in, talked a little bit of theory, drove around the course. When he rolled back into the pit, he exclaimed "wow, what a strange car!"

If you could drive your car on any road in the world, where would you go?

The Highway 3a in the Kootaneys is pretty good.


If Subaru didn't exist, what manufacturer would you be driving?

I would probably be driving another E36... or a truck :O

What was your very first car?

A rebuilt 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited that my parents have had for almost 10 years before I got my license. Today, that Jeep still exists in BC, and it is barely held together with rust.


On the WSC website, what is your favorite forum to post in?

According to my stats at this time, over 26% of my posts are made in “Ongoing Member Projects.” I guess I enjoy seeking inspiration in other people’s builds, and providing my praise on their projects.


What is your drink of choice?

Beer. Mostly lager’s, but I’m not picky.


Favourite wings flavor:

Sweet chilli heat!


What's your favorite bad movie?


I don’t watch enough movies in general to have seen very many bad ones. This would probably The Fast and The Furious. It’s so corny!!

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