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Written by GrantC   
Friday, 17 March 2017 20:09

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DaDuke Featured Ride PDF Print E-mail
Written by GrantC   
Friday, 17 March 2017 20:05

Name: Tim Hintz
Age: Too damn old (31)
Job Title: Pipefitter, Turbine Tech
Hometown: Calgary (Well Edmonton, but nobody needs to know that)
Car: 2013 sti hatch, 1992 Justy, 2001 Forester S
Color: DGM, white, Puke
Mileage: 110k, 93k (may have rolled over once or twice though), 120k

What made you want to buy a Subaru?
I grew up a Dodge kid. I remember the Viper concept car when it first came out.. I still have the paper cutout somewhere. As I grew up, I realized how unattainable it was proving to be and how non-practical it was. Enter the impreza... had everything where it counted, and didn't break the bank.
As I grew up I got really interested in rally, and for the last 10 or so years I've come around to taking Subaru over most anything. The boxer sound, the turbo, and just how racecar-y it is right off the floor. Plus, it's hard to go camping in a Viper.

What makes your car different from others?
Visually it's got a lot of cues (red on black ftw) but underneath the vanity it's pretty much stock. The rumble is better with the Q300.. apart from that though, maybe just the frequency of washes it gets. Then again, I suspect that it sees gravel/forest roads a fair amount more than most as well. Oh, and the other one is a Justy... there's not too many of those left!

What plans do you have for your car?
Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. The long term sees an accessport and a tune, swapping bushings and other parts for longevity. It won't be seeing much more power than it has already though, I'm trying to keep it... dare I say... reliable.
The Justy is going to be a different story. Once the wife lets me have my way with it, I'm hoping to turn it into a mud machine. What all that entails is yet to be seen, but I'm sure it will cost money.
The Forester I hope to get running! It's going to be likely a year or so before it even leaves the garage, but it's turning out to be a fun project.

Are you involved in Motorsports? Which ones?
Not much at all, honestly. I've always aspired to be a driver, but haven't really made any attempts to pursue it. I'm hoping that over the next few years I'll be able to start building experience, with auto/rally cross, and of course ice races. If I was suddenly able to quit my job, I'd be fully engaged in learning to race... but as it stands racing your daily driver is not the smartest plan.

What is your favorite Subaru moment?
Overall, I think it would be Colin Mcrae rolling his car at the X games in 2006, and managing second place still. He was an absolute legend, and probably my biggest hero. Any stage he went through in one really could be considered my favorite Subaru moment.
Personally, I think it would have to be bringing the sti out camping in the backwoods. One night in particular I was out with my favorite people, enjoying life under a full night sky of aurora borealis. Got the car dirty, proved it's capability, and didn't break anything (important). Good times all around.

If you could drive your car on any road in the world, where would you go?
There was one road when I was working in Albania that I'd love to drive.. long sweeping mountain curves, lots of altitude differences, and stunning landscapes all around. There's so much rich history in those parts too, I'd make a week of it if I could.

If Subaru didn't exist, what manufacturer would you be driving?
I'd likely be in a Dodge. My first love was the Viper, the first car I really aimed to buy was a Magnum (Hatch life!) I'd probably have been fully immersed in the big muscle car life. As much as I've come to love all things Japan, Honda doesn't hold much magic to me ;)

What was your very first car?
A white 2001 Cavalier that I had named the Black Stallion. It was a manual, which was really it's only saving grace. It would lose speed on the bridge over 96th ave on Deerfoot going north...I jumped straight from that into the sti, and came to appreciate something that I couldn't drive to its limit all the time. It was a fun little car for getting comfortable driving, but I can't say I miss it.

On the WSC website, what is your favorite forum to post in?
As cheesy as it is, probably in the meets section. I love the community that the club has going.. and I always try to get out to do things with everyone. Part of what really drew me to Subaru was the vast aftermarket support as well, so second favorite would probably be the parts section.

What’s your go-to pizza?
I recently found a place called Country pizza. It's Papa Johns grade, without the price. 3 days later it's still microwaveable too, so that trumps most things!

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