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KLZCYA’s Ride Pics PDF Print E-mail
Written by GrantC   
Thursday, 01 November 2012 18:24

KLZCYA’s Ride PDF Print E-mail
Written by GrantC   
Thursday, 01 November 2012 18:20




Written by 4stAir


Name: Kris Arychuk

Age: 18

Job title: Kaltire Management

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Car: 1993 Subaru WRX


What made you want to buy a Subaru?

I've always been a fan of their styling, their sound (who doesn't love a flat 4?), and the incredible cult following due to WRC. Colin Mcrae and his 555 caught my eye at a fairly young age; this was due to the "IDGAF" attitude Colin carried, not to mention the beautiful styling of the GC8.


Your car has been through some members, what do you think attracts people to it?

Quite honestly, it was the first car on WSC that I really became attracted to personally. The lines of the GC8 pull off the flat-black well, on top of this; it's a well-put together car - gobs of power, big brakes, and a reliable drivetrain no matter what I throw at it. Mega props to Sniper for what he accomplished with it.


What plans do you have for your car?

Plenty. What actually happens might be a different list, but here goes -


  • 18x10 et 20 XXR 521 wrapped in 295/30/18
  • Flares to accommodate such wideness
  • Sway bars/chassis stiffening
  • V4 Front bumper w/ OEM lip
  • Stupid built EJ207


Beyond the typical exterior upgrades, I don't know how far I want to take this thing. The power it makes currently is fantastic, it brakes well, it could handle better, and maybe look a bit better. :)


Are you involved in motorsports? Which ones?

Not currently. I don't have much free time to really dedicate to motorsports, with two kids and a full-time job; it's hard to dedicate some real time into this as a hobby. I would really like to take the car out to the next Boxer Battle, as well as take it to Stratotech.


If you could drive your car on any road in the world, where would you go?


Google it. It's not only a f#*king fantastic road, but has a beautiful view as well.


What was your very first car?

1989 Mazda RX7 GXL. I loved it, but wanted boost in my life - I ended up with a "filler" car, that was a 1995 Mazda MX6. Fast forward a few months later and I was in my first GC8.


What’s your dream car?

Without a doubt, Ferrari F40. I absolutely love the styling.


If you could kill a zombie from someone in history, who would it be and why?

Ryan Dunn.

I wouldn't kill him, but would use him as a hilarious, bearded pet zombie - similar to that black chick in The Walking Dead.


What’s your favorite Chive gallery?

Mind the Gap.

Don't look at me like that, check it out - and agree with me you filthy pervert.


Photographer: Zach Cherkaoui

Owner/Operator of Exposure Photographix




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