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Wednesday, 14 October 2009 10:29


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Wednesday, 14 October 2009 10:22



Name:  Zeev Cherniawsky

Age: 26
Job Title: Mining Engineer aka Destroyer of Worlds
Hometown: Victoria then Vancouver now Calgary
Car: 2002 Impreza 2.5RS
Color: Midnight Blue Pearl
Mileage: ~145,000 well-earned kms


What made you want to buy a Subaru?
I had just moved to Calgary from Vancouver and hadn’t owned a car in a few years as there was no need to there. I’d heard about the winters but hadn’t experienced a real one yet, and was looking for something with AWD. I’d driven a couple of RSX type-S but something was telling me to avoid them. Then one day, I found the ad for my future car. I had owned a 93 Legacy and loved it so I was jumping at the chance to get back into a Subaru. I went for a test drive, got in, turned it on, and I was hooked on the grumble of the exhaust. I stalled it twice that day, and ended up curbing a wheel parking it. Didn’t matter cause I bought it the next day and had a huge smile for weeks. Little did I know it was the beginning of a long journey between me, my credit card, and the aftermarket part industry.

What makes your car different from others?
I’m gradually replacing every part that Subaru put on there with aftermarket parts, so I’d like to think that everything makes it different from others. Also, the fact that I’ve bled so many times working on it, that its probably got enough of me to be considered a close relative.


Are you involved in Motorsports? Which ones?

My involvement has been fairly limited. I did a novice TSD rally last winter with my girlfriend as a codriver. I loved it, but on the final stage, I slid off and almost flipped my car. The moral of that story is that if the directions say "Slippy Slippy Slippy" you should probably listen. As we righted my car (it was on its side), I crunched my oil pan down on a rock. Didn't punture it, but ended up with very dented oil pan. I've been nervous about competing again before getting that fixed. The oil pan is sitting on my kitchen table, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I've volunteered as a Marshal at the Cochrane Rally and was keen to try out some Autocross this summer, but it wasn't being held this year. I think im going to give winter autocross a try this winter and now that my suspension is sorted out, im looking forward to autocross next season.


What is your favorite Subaru moment?
It’s a recurring moment that happens every winter. After the first big snow fall, I love to go out for a drive. My winter tires and AWD make it easy to get around. I love seeing the trucks and SUV’s stuck on the side of the road and knowing that I’ve made the right choice in purchasing my Subaru. 

If you could drive your car on any road in the world, where would you go?
This one is easy. I think about it almost every day. I would drive from the Northern-most part of Alaska as far south into South America as I could take it. Plenty of awesome stretches of tarmac as well as some good gravely roads.


If Subaru didn't exist what would you be driving?

I would probably be driving a McLaren F1. You see, I was aiming for the McLaren, but there was a mixup with some paperwork and it seems I didn’t receive the money from that exiled Nigerian Prince that I’d been expecting and due to some totally unrelated identity theft issues, I ended up with my Subaru. No, it’d probably be an Audi. I like AWD. Thank God that Subaru does exist and I’ll never have to face that conundrum.

What was your very first car?
Haha. It was a 1985 Honda Civic Sky blue Wagon. It was my mom’s car, then my grandfathers when he was visiting from Montreal. We called it the Space Mobile and drew up plans to put wings and a fin on it. I taught at least 10 people how to drive standard on it and, as such, it eventually dropped its transmission. Some sucker bought it off me for $2000!

On the WSC website, what is your favorite forum to post in?
 It varies. Lately, I’ve been cruising the technical forums a fair bit and trying to help people out. I always keep my eye on the Naturally Aspirated forum because that’s where most of my experience lies and I have to look out for my non-forced-induction brothers. However, Im easily distracted by the ranting forum.

What is your drink of choice?
Double Jack and Coke in a short glass. As the night wears on, I want less and less coke in there.

What is your favorite flavour of chicken wings?

Frank’s Red Hot with extra sauce.


If you could meet any celebrity as a zombie, who would it be?

Michael Jackson. Because lets be honest, he's not going to get any creepier.


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