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GrimmSpeed Turbo Heat Shield - Product Release
« on: July 28, 2010, 01:49:06 pm »

Price: 79.99

  GrimmSpeed introduces the most versatile heat shield yet! Our unit is designed to replace the OEM
heat shield and provide a sharp clean style to your engine bay. Even the smallest changes like an
aftermarket downpipe warrant the OEM heat shield useless without serious modification, save the hassle
of cutting and bending the stock heat shield. We have designed our heat shield to work with virtually
any downpipe and stock location turbo option on the market. It even works with the TXS 4” downpipe!
What really sets ours apart though is the capability to grow with you as you upgrade your car. Our heat
shield will work with 38mm and 44mm External Waste Gate up pipes!
  Do it once and do it right. Protect your car from heat soak and radiant heat from the turbo that can
negatively affect the efficiency of the intercooler, intake manifold, and surrounding areas. This is
also much safer than turbo blankets as they tend to overheat your turbo.
-Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction with HUGE oversized Stainless Steel rivets for maximum strength.
-Comes with M6 Clear Zinc Steel Bolts
-CNC Laser Cut from 1 solid sheet
-Laser Etched Logo
-FITS ALL FACTORY TURBOS for every model
-Will Fit with almost all aftermarket downpipes, up pipes, and stock location aftermarket turbos