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Tech Threads of Note (These are directly useful to You)
« on: April 06, 2008, 06:34:12 PM »
Radiator Swap How To w/ pictures

What will a moderate to big turbo build cost?

Stainless Steel Brake Line Install and Brake Bleed

Suspension FAQs answered

Airboy's Engenuity Excel Worksheet

WRX and/or STi turbo swap instructions with pictures (local resource)

Here's a good read on uncorrected dyno graphs for those that want to wage dyno wars

02 / 03 WRX Headlight Removal Instructions (local resource)

Timing Belt Installation How To
Meaty's Timing Belt Change Guide on Nasioc

Koni Strut Insert Install Instructions (local resource)

How to disconnect your seatbelt beeper (good for track guys)

Mod of the Day Thread

06-07 Grill Removal local resource

What should I torque my wheels to (resource from Service Manual):

Top Mount Intercooler How To local resource

How to open your 02-07 hood really wide (with the stock prop rod):

How to jack your car up:

WRX 08/09/265 upgrade path:

JDM Subaru Info:

Replacing your coolant, a HOWTO:

HOWTO replace your fuel level sensors when your gas gauge reads low and the light comes on early:

Fuel Gauge incorrect reading fix (cleaning sensor)

Other fixes for fuel light coming on early

"Is the 'bang'/clunk noise I get when leaving a parking stall in the winter normal?"

"Can the AP work as an OBD-II reader?"

"Why does my Cruise light flash when I have a CEL?"

How to Install TiC Trans Crossmember bushings on 08+ WRX

This thread will be closed and we'll add to it as threads come up or are brought to our attention. A "local resource" means that someone in the club did the work so if you're really nice you might be able to get some first hand help ;)


-da mods.
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Re: Tech Threads of Note (These are directly useful to You)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2009, 08:49:14 PM »
Snackers has kindly combed through threads in the Impreza Technical Discussion sub-forum for useful DIY threads. These are all the ones that were found going as far back as September 2008. If anyone else would like to do a similar link-gathering in other sub-forums to add to this sticky, feel free to PM me with what you've found. If you wish to point out mistakes or complain about snackers' list, PM him. ;D

FAQ: What mods do I need to support XYZ turbo on my car?

08+ WRX Short Shifter install

Cabin Air Filter info

06 STI Rad shroud install

Reset ECU

Throttlebody porting

08+ STI Spark plug install

General spark plug install steps

SPT Boost gauge 08+

Strut bar install (and keep your engine bay clean)

Ways to put your TMIC back on

Remove intake for 08+

Remove TBE

Silicone turbo inlet tube install

08+ STI fuel pump assembly install

Oil Change

Scoop grill install 08+

2008-2010 WRX and WRX 265 only (not STI) - Subaru service bulletin, PCV issue

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Suspension FAQ
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2010, 10:24:45 PM »
Fixed struts or coilovers (started from a WTB thread):

Why are "lowing springs" bad in a nutshell:
-Your struts only have so much travel, if you lower them 1", that's 1" of suspension travel you no longer have before you hit your bumpstops & incur a sudden jump in spring rate.
-If your springs are stiff enough to not bottom out, and are giving a lower ride height, then they must be shorter than stock.  At full droop they'll now be free to rattle around and clang off your strut (just ask jer)

NASIOC Lowering Springs FAQ:

Unabomber's Spring/Strut/Coilover FAQ: Good reading

What do swaybars do?
-Over a bump, nothing.  Both wheels move up and down together.
-In a turn, as the body tries to "lean" one wheel tries to go up and the other side goes down, but for that to happen the suspension would need to twist the swaybar.  The stiffer the swaybar the less body roll there is.
-They increase the overall level of grip, and can be used to adjust the handling balance.

What swaybar size should I buy? Advice from Clint @ Turn In Concepts

Discussion about what size swaybar are *you* running, and why.

NASIOC coilover FAQ:

NASIOC "Suspension Supersticky"

Strut bar myth? (includes discussion of GC vs GD chassis stiffness)

How-to: Change front and rear brake pads and rotors on 2006-2007 WRX

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