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Using the WSC Banner
« on: November 08, 2010, 09:50:50 AM »
Hey All,

I created a WSC Banner and used the WSC Calendar Funds (as they were not used for the Super Meat) to do so. It is 8'x3'. The banner turned out really well. Here is a pic (courtesy of Travis):

It is made with Outdoor Vinyl and has grommets so it can be tied up. It wasn't cheap to get it made and Im hoping that it will last a long time.

The banner is available for members to use. As keeper of the banner, there are several conditions for using it:

1) Using the banner is on a First Come, First Served basis. If you would like to use it for an event, please PM me and we'll work something out.
2) Using the banner requires a deposit. This is to ensure that the banner remains in good condition for other members to use it and that I get it back. Upon returning the banner in the condition it was lent out, you will get your deposit back. I am unsure of what the deposit will be, but Ill figure something out.
3) Please make sure, before requesting the banner, that your event/meet is an appropriate place to be representing the WSC.

Thanks everyone!
- Z
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