Author Topic: North Seattle Waterfall Meet, Drive, & Hike 9/3/08  (Read 2268 times)

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North Seattle Waterfall Meet, Drive, & Hike 9/3/08
« on: August 25, 2008, 02:32:10 PM »
I'm a bit new to this forum, but im an avid member of both nasioc and subicru. We put together a waterfall meet last weekend and had a BLAST! Everyone had so much fun we decided to plan another one. This time we're going about an hour and a half north of seattle (Inbetween Arlington and Darrington) to a pair of waterfalls called Boulder Falls and Feature Show Falls. Boulder Falls is a 70' tumble type falls about .6 mi from the trailhead, its listed as a strenuous hike because of the terrain, though its not very far so we should be fine. Feature Show Falls is a 110' slide/veil type falls and is another .7 mi or so past Boulder Falls. That trail is rated as moderate. The picture in my book shows a guy standing right at the base of Feature Show Falls, it looks pretty epic. Afterwards we'll be hitting up Taco Time in Arlington with our free coupons so if you dont have one get one!

We all had an amazing time last weekend and I hope more people are available to come this time.

Let us know if you're gonna be able to make it and DON'T FORGET YOUR FREE TACO TIME COUPON!!!

Heres the thread from the last meet (has some pics)-