Author Topic: VEX Performance Alpha 9+ GTR, current fastest sport compact in Alberta for 2012  (Read 7075 times)

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Sounds like an awesome build!  I'll give you a free dyno run if you break 800whp on the fuel of your choice!

Am I allowed to run unicorn blood?
I Broke what, and it's going to cost HOW MUCH to fix?!
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AlistairH  has a R35 GTR as well as the STi

I was referring to the sti not getting into the power range of the alpha 9. I have seen GTR's with more power so I dont doubt what he will do with his GTR after seeing what his sti is like.

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Am I allowed to run unicorn blood?

I Insist you do :)
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Am I allowed to run unicorn blood?

Just ensure it's a Tibetan Unicorn in estrous; more knock resistance.

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damn impressive times thats for sure, was this on race gas or pump gas?

a good friend of mine dad has a pretty beefy 09 GTR as well that puts up very similar numbers, would be one hell of a race !

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I want to avoid the big mistake of dumping a bunch of money into a car that I primarily use for autoX and making it slower.

This sounds like a great idea.