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Member Marketplace Rules
« on: June 06, 2013, 01:56:13 PM »
Effective as at the time of this post, the following rules are in effect for the Marketplace forums on WSC.
These rules may change at any time, however, moderators will do their best to point out any changes when they occur.

1. All marketplace thread titles must begin with "FS: ", "FT: ", or "WTB: " and must contain the item name. Thread titles like "*MUST SELL NOW*" will be deleted. Multiple item sale threads must at least contain a general description, such as "Garage sale: 02-07 impreza parts"

2. All "For Sale" threads MUST INCLUDE: (Below format can be copy-pasted, the visible tags will convert to bold text)

[b]Description:[/b] Accurate description of item and its current condition (possibly a cross reference of which cars the item will fit, if you know)
[b]Location of seller:[/b]
[b]Willing to ship:[/b]
[b]Method of contact:[/b]
[b]Pictures:[/b] [img][/img] A quality embedded picture of the actual item being sold. Random pics from the internet are not acceptable.

It is recommended to embed your pics into the post, as that is more conducive to an informative advertisement.
Assistance with embedding pics can be found here:
Note: Kijiji is not a an accepted photo hosting site.

3. No “Testing Waters” or "Feeler" posts. If you‘re going to post an item, please have the intention of selling it. If you don't know what the item is worth, do your research. All else fails, put a random price of what you would like to receive for it, and the market will take care of it. (eg. If it doesn't sell, your price is too high)

4. Discussion of price should be done via PM. Negotiation of price by people intending to purchase should be done via PM. Criticism of price should be done respectfully and must include evidence. (related forum ads, kijiji ads, etc)
Posts like "Are you crazy?" will result in deletion and possible points.

5. Thread bumping is limited to once every 7 days from the most recent post, and  the bump may only be done by the seller or potential buyer.

6. Unrelated posts such as "GLWS" and "wish I had the money" will be deleted, and points will be issued. Interpretation of an unrelated thread bump is at the discretion of the moderators. Trending will be taken note of. If you are in the habit of posting in FS threads without ever buying anything, it will be noted.

7. Marketplace threads with no activity for 30 days or more may be locked.

Any violation of these rules will result in points and/or post moderation and/or deletion without explanation. If you find yourself in this situation, please review the rules.

-WSC Admin/Mod team