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Member Marketplace Group Buy Rules
« on: June 06, 2013, 01:58:44 PM »
Effective as at the time of this post, the following rules are in effect for the Marketplace forums on WSC.
These rules may change at any time, however, moderators will do their best to point out any changes when they occur.

These rules for Group Buys are now in place on WSC for multiple reasons including: Member safety including payment security, prevention of “group buy death” due to missing important key information, and encouraging organization and responsibility of the GB owner.

Gauging interest in a group buy is allowed for a reasonable period of time. If no progress is made within a short while, the GB can be determined "dead".
Once enough interest is made to begin the GB, the original post should be modified as per the following rules:

1. Must include contact information for the vendor selling the product.

2. Must contain the price or pricing model. If price varies depending on quantity ordered, get this information prior to starting the GB.

3. Must contain payment method - Who is collecting the money? Who is holding the money? When does the vendor get paid?

4. Must contain delivery/shipping information. The members of this club are spread geographically across Canada. If the item isn’t drop shipped, this can affect overall cost of the item.

5. Group buy must contain some basic information about the product. At a minimum, a link to the manufacturer’s page explaining the purpose of the product.

6. Group buys from other forums and sources can be posted here. It must be stated whether you are or are not  the organizer, and that questions should be directed to the original source if you are not.

Any violation of these rules will result in points and/or post moderation and/or deletion without explanation. If you find yourself in this situation, please review the rules.

-WSC Admin/Mod team