Author Topic: HOW TO: program 02/03 keyless module for new/additional transmitter  (Read 1267 times)

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Quote from: original troubleshooting message
I, for some bewildering reason (or some now related, but seemingly unrelated modification), was not able to reprogram a new transmitter for to my keyless module. I figured that it was due to the fact that I cracked the keyless module PCB and broke the reprogramming circuitry. After replacing the module, I still was not able to program in a new transmitter. I went back to the as-built schematics I made through/after my swap to try and figure out what the problem was.

The solution:
The key-in-the-ignition sensor (results in a chime when door is opened) must be connected in order to program the module.

Seeing as I fixed it, I figure sharing the solution and making this more of a how-to is viable.


Service Manual : Security & Locks page 51 (SL-51)

NOTE: Perform the programming when the transmitter is replaced and when an additional transmitter is required.
NOTE: Finish the operation from step 1) through 4) within 45 seconds.
1) Sit on the driver's seat and close all doors, rear gate and trunk lid.
2) Open the driver's door.
3) Close the driver's door.
4) Turn the ignition switch from ON to LOCK ten times within 15 seconds.
NOTE: Do not start the engine at this time.
5) The horn chirps one time to indicate that the system has entered in the programming mode.
6) Open the driver's door.
7) Close the driver's door.
8) Press any button on the transmitter that you wish to program into the system.
9) Horn will chirp two times to indicate that the transmitter has been programmed.
NOTE: Any additional transmitter can also be programmed at this time. Repeat steps 6) through 9) for an additional transmitter.
10) Remove the ignition key from the ignition switch.
11) The horn will chirp three times to indicate that the system has exited the programming mode.
12) Check the keyless entry system properly operates by operating each transmitter.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: If the operation fails, remove the key from the ignition and repeat from step 1.
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