Author Topic: December 2015 4-Wheel Alignment, Oil Change and Inspection Special!  (Read 1018 times)

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Hey Everyone!

For the month of December we are doing a major special! Now that most people have installed their winter tires it's a great idea to make sure your alignment is perfect!!

-Complete 4-wheel Alignment (OE or Custom Specs)
-Engine oil change with up to 5L of Motul 5W40 Full Synthetic Oil and OE or equivalent oil filter (most vehicles)
-Complete visual Check-Over

Sale Price of $229 +GST Normal Price is $310 +GST

The above service work is beyond a Subaru A, B or C service. 

Check Over is visual only, without removal of wheels.  Fluids with dipsticks will be checked, visual leaks will also be noted.

Check Over Includes:

Engine Oil
Coolant Strength in Deg C
Brake Fluid Water Content
Power Steering Fluid
Windshield Washer fluid
Transmission Fluid
Battery Load Test   
Block Heater Ohms (if installed)
Wiper Blades
Exterior Lights
Drive Belt(s)
Timing Belt (if easily accessible)
Hoses and Clamps
Fuel Filter
Engine Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter (if easily accessible)
Driveshaft and Axles
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Steering Components
Fluid Leaks
Tire Tread Depth Front  mm / Rear  mm
Tire Pressure (adjusted to) Front psi / Rear psi
Brake Pad Remaining
Brake Rotor Condition
Warning Light Status

*** Note we will not perform alignments if mechanical problems or worn out tires, suspension or steering components are found with inspection and not repaired.
*** Cartridge style oil filters and other exceptions extra
-Authorized COBB ProTuner and dealer
-Authorized KW Sales and Installation