Author Topic: How to [negotiate a deal] make people cry on kijiji  (Read 7109 times)

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Re: How to [negotiate a deal] make people cry on kijiji
« Reply #50 on: January 24, 2016, 05:58:44 PM »
Sold it for less than I hoped, but the girl was pretty nice to deal with, it's her first car so whatever. License plate still on it because it was too cold and I was too lazy to take it off, I'll go over tomorrow and take it off with some WD40

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Re: How to negotiate a deal
« Reply #51 on: January 25, 2016, 08:29:19 PM »
Update, lenses sold without too much pain. 

Going to try my hand at lowballing someone now...   :-X

Honestly, I see it as a numbers game when I'm buying. If it's something that there are many for sale, such as cell phones for example, I'll blast a msg out to as many as I can. You'd be surprised how many times people will take a lowball. Desperate for cash, sick of waiting, annoyed of other lowballers and I have good timing, who knows. Don't get me wrong, most say no and I get some colourful responses. But I don't care, I expect them to say no. The one person who says yes is all I need. And I don't care if I hurt peoples feelings in the process, it's kijiji.

When it comes to selling, I'm always willing to deal a bit, but also price things a little higher than what I want. I've always been a salesman though, I enjoy negotiating. That said, if something is worth it, of course I'll pay a fair price.

Also someone made a great post on the first page; someone could lowball you and still say no if you accepted it. Heck, I just offered a guy $500 for brand new tires he was asking $700 for because they were s2k fitment. After some negotiating, he ultimately agreed to my price. Then I said no because I decided I wanted high performance summers instead of just good all seasons.