Author Topic: BH5 Rev C, starts and runs for five seconds then dies gradually.  (Read 928 times)

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I was driving my BH5 around completely fine and park it in my garage. That night I try to get my OBD scanner working then I realized that I need a SSM/ISO 9141-2 compliant scanner so I gave up.

I went out to move it to let my buddy work on his brakes and started for 5 seconds or so and then dies. I was under the impression my gas tank was empty so I went and filled a jerry put her in and then went to start it again and she wouldn't go. I unplugged the MAF no change, Cleaned the MAF no change, checked for any ground issues and there were none I could find. Fuel pump primes and can be heard running after the car dies. Not throwing any codes. I thought I may have tripped the ecu into test mode but I have no way of knowing.

Found a fuel filter part number for the Legacy. SUBARU "42072-AE000" for the in tank filter. I used to cross reference a part number I found on a UK parts retailer.