Author Topic: HID Retroquick 4TL-R : Subaru Impreza 06-11 & WRX 08-14  (Read 844 times)

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HID Retroquick 4TL-R : Subaru Impreza 06-11 & WRX 08-14
« on: January 30, 2017, 10:16:53 PM »
 Purchased from Prolightz- Canadian company +1 and Free shipping in Canada.
 Didn't want to do one of those plug and play kits as I strongly believe there is a difference between Halogen and HID projectors.
 I used the Morimoto XB D2S 4500K bulbs.
 I don't think the instructions from Retoquick are right . You will have to do some drilling and modifications to get this installed proper.
 I did a short writeup on the procedure here:
 This is a bi-xenon projector,( low/high beam from one projector if ya didn't know that already)
 Very impressed with the results as seen here comparing OE halogen with hid projector. I like the wide spread and sharp cutoff.
 Its going to cost about $500 if you use new ballasts.
My recommendation is new ballasts, sealant, one roll is more than enough and (9005 Male > 9005/9006 Female y-splitter)
 This 9005 Male > 9005/9006 Female y-splitter, retains low output DRL's and also adds your original halogen high beams when you flip to high beam (highs are very bright)
 The job its self is somewhat involved( its kind of nerve racking sticking your headlights in the oven) and time consuming and I would dedicate an entire day or 2 for the job. find someone who's done headlight retrofits before can be very handy.
 Good support from Prolightz (Will is helpful and quick to respond to questions) And gave some important tips to the job.
 I think the money was worth it(to me that is) and I'm very happy with the results.
 I personally would help if someone wants to do this, just message me.