Author Topic: 2018 Cochrane Winter Rally - Volunteers Needed  (Read 557 times)

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2018 Cochrane Winter Rally - Volunteers Needed
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:42:39 AM »
The Cochrane Winter Rally is a performance stage rally held in the Waiparous Valley area every March.

Volunteer registration has recently opened, we're looking for 60-70 bodies to make this event happen. Volunteers are responsible for things like assigning times to cars at the start/finish line, maintaining closed roads and monitoring spectator areas. Most positions don't require any previous training, and are open to just about everyone.

We will need a few people on Saturday for various tasks, but most of the work will be running the event Sunday. Volunteers on Sunday will be fed lunch and dinner. Rides to the event site can be arranged from various pick up locations for either day if you are unable to drive out yourself (although I recommend driving if you can).

You can sign up at If you have any questions, you can pm me here and I'll answer them as quickly as possible. :)

Here's a great video someone made from last year's event to show you what you'd be volunteering for: