Author Topic: P0349 - Purge Valve High Voltage Code  (Read 778 times)

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P0349 - Purge Valve High Voltage Code
« on: November 10, 2018, 11:38:32 PM »
Hey guys, so I have been trying to figure this code out for awhile now and I am totally at a loss so I was hoping someone smarter than me can help me figure it out, that or I am just gonna try and re-flash my ECU to disable the EVAP codes... But first a wiring diagram!

Ok so how I understand the circuit is that 12V comes from pin 2 when the main relay is triggered (ignition ON) and the circuit is completed by the ECU grounding pin 1.

So here is a quick break down of what I have troubleshooted:

- There is 12V coming to pin 2 when the ignition is turned on
- The solenoid will operate if I manually ground pin 1 to the chassis with the ignition on
- Pin 1 and Pin D29 (on the ECU) continuity checks out
- Pin 1 will alternate between ground and open circuit when the cars test connectors are connected but will NOT operate the solenoid (WTF?!)
- I bought a new purge solenoid and neither functions
- The wiring harness is making contact with the solenoid connector pins

I honestly can't understand why this thing won't operate.... any ideas?!