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HELP: EVC System Install Questions
« on: April 07, 2019, 04:46:18 PM »
Currently in the process of working on my version 6 WRX RA, and I have a few questions about installing an EVC system.

I've never installed one of these before (I've just had them on my previous cars and I have an idea of how they work), so bare with me with these questions and any input as to whats what would be much appreciated.

Firstly, can someone help explain this 'surge tank' to me?

Where is it, and what hose am I cutting to T in the boost sensor?

Secondly, is my EJ207 engine going to use a 'swing valve' or a 'poppet valve' system for the solenoid valve?

I am fairly certain that it's a swing valve. Putting pieces together here, and I believe I found this answer.

Note that I will post an entire write-up on my findings and what I am doing once I have completed it.